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The Lifestyle Blog of Mrs. Ortiz

Books are my passion, literature my life. I'm also a foodie living in a big city. Hiking and enjoying the sunshine is another passion. This blog is the space I use to write about all the things I love, disparate though they may be.

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Top Ten Tips on Preparing to Move

Goodness, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted last! In the last two weekends we have moved and gotten a puppy! The move was exhausting,...

Top Ten Best Dinner Ideas for Newlyweds

February 20, 2021 Even though I grew up in a conservative Christian home, my mom never required that I learn how to cook—so I didn’t....

Living with Lactose-Intolerance

February 12, 2021 I have been married for a year to a wonderful, thoughtful, handsome hubby who listens to me and understands me....


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