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A Cautionary Tale in How to Choose a Realtor

My husband and I just bought a condo. In this process, we learned a great deal about the dedication it requires to become a homeowner. There were several things we did not think about during the process because we are first time homeowners and quite frankly, no matter the amount of research we did, there was going to be something we did not know how to do perfectly. The person I was working with as my lender went on vacation, and some details of the process got blurred and lost in the massive mountain of information we had been inundated with.

At the beginning of this journey, I had asked my coworker for advice, as he had just bought a home. He said simply this: “At the end of the day, know that the process is not going to be perfect. And that’s ok.” I took those words to heart, and every time something happened that wasn’t supposed to during this entire thing, I thought about them and was comforted.

Also, when we were first considering purchasing a home, we considered a few people we knew who were realtors. My parents have used the same realtor to both buy and sell their home when they lived in Orlando. Alex also had a family member who had just finished school to become a realtor. This family member (to my knowledge) has yet to help any clients buy or sell (I researched it only yesterday to see if I could find any evidence, but I didn’t see anything). The realtor we chose has been a realtor for 10 years now and has assisted in closing on dozens upon dozens of homes. I felt more comfortable with him because 1)I didn’t know anything about the complicated process of purchasing a home, 2)I really didn’t want to mix business with family and 3) I felt as though mixing first time home buyers with an inexperienced realtor was not a good idea. So, of course, Alex and I went with the realtor that my parents have used the last few years.

The day we closed on our condo, our realtor posted a pic on social media of all of us holding a massive foam key. We were so, so happy! After we got home and ate lunch, Alex went right to sleep as he was up way past his bedtime! When he woke up, he found a nasty text message from the spouse of the family member who just got their license as a realtor. The couple was extremely upset that Alex and I had decided to go with another realtor. They said that they were offended and hurt. They accused Alex of making no effort to see them anymore. By the time I had finished reading the text message, I almost laughed at the pettiness of it. But I was too much in shock that they had gotten so offended. They told Alex that they would not speak to him or see him again, and unfriended us on Facebook.

I must also add here that Alex has been trying for years (I’m not exaggerating) to become closer to these family members. However, when he would call to try to set something up, they would always put him off, say they would call him back, and they never would. So, eventually, he stopped trying. In our 3 years of being together, I’ve only met these people three times. Two of these times at parties in the late afternoon, when Alex usually sleeps. But he attended anyway, because he never saw them. The two parties I attended with Alex I felt extremely uncomfortable because I didn’t know anybody, and the couple didn’t even try to talk to me.

Anyway, I do wish we had perhaps thought about talking to these family members about why we had decided to go with another realtor. Perhaps feelings would have been spared. I just feel as though it is quite an unfortunate situation.

Alex didn’t allow it to get to him for long, which I was happy about. We bought our first home, and that is something to celebrate! It ought not to be overshadowed by the pettiness of others.

I wanted to share this story, perhaps as a cautionary tale for others so that they don’t make the same mistake that we did. We just don’t communicate with these family members often, so we didn’t think much about it in the beginning stages of the process. If we had thought about it, perhaps if we had let them know beforehand, feelings could have been spared.

If any of you have a similar story, please let me know! I’m interested to see how often this happens.

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