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I have yet to catch up with all of the books she has written under the pen name Sylvia Mercedes. When she changed her pen name, she did not tell her followers what that name was. Thus, I was kept in suspense for four to five years waiting for her to reveal that other name to us. When she finally posted the other name she wrote under, I was thrilled. Upon seeing the new series she wrote under Sylvia Mercedes, I understood why she changed her name and did not tell her followers. The flavor of her series The Venatrix is far darker. Indeed, many if not most of her former followers did not like these books. I have yet to read them as I was more interested in her other two series that she more recently published. I have read the following series by Sylvia Mercedes:

Of Candlelight and Shadows

1) The Moonfire BrideLink to my review

2) The Sunfire KingLink to my review

The Scarred Mage of Roseward

1) Thief

2) Prisoner

3) Wraith

I have yet to finish the final book in The Scarred Mage of Roseward series, but I tore through the first two in this series in the last week. There is something entrancing in her writing, in the cadence of her words, in the telling of her stories. Her world-building is delicate and concise—altogether lovely. And these covers, though! Where can you find such lovely book covers in mainstream-published books. I don’t recall ever being so in love with book covers such as these.

Under her first author name—Anne Elisabeth Stengl—Sylvia wrote The Goldstone Wood series. Here is a link to the full series (plus Golden Daughter, which she divided into 4 novellas because it is such an extensive work). This series if phenomenal—perhaps her best work. But I cannot yet say as I have yet to read The Venatrix series and re-read The Goldstone Wood series through the eyes of an adult and not an infatuated teen.

Forgive my rambles, dear reader. But I wanted to share my passionate love for this author in particular. Her writing is exquisite, her style so different from any other author I have ever read. I am so happy to have the chance to follow her work and continue to bask in the adventure, romanticism, and sheer beauty of her books.

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