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Denali Day and her Dokiri Captive-bride Romances

I would like to use this space to fangirl rant about a specific indie author I discovered in recent months. I always find ads popping up on my social media for books that might interest me (because I’m usually googling random authors, or trying to find books to read etc.). I specifically enjoy fantasy romances (Side note: I’ve actually never met anyone who enjoys fantasy romance. If you like this genre, please leave me a note! I would love to talk to others with a similar interest). One book popped up in my ads one day that did not catch my attention at first because there was a picture of a shirtless man on the front. I’ve seen so many book covers with a similar look, I scrolled past it. However, the next time it popped up in my advertisements, something about this specific book cover caught my eye.

The shirtless man on the front had marks carved into his skin. The title also struck me. Hollen the Soulless. What makes him soulless?

Intrigued, I read the synopsis, discovered that it was a captive bride romance in which wyverns are involved, and bought it.

The world of the Dokiri men and their captive brides instantly swallowed me up and captured my heart.

Well done, Denali Day, well done.

After reading the first few of the books in this series, I was instantly converted into becoming an indie author supporter. This series is quality writing, quality editing, and quality everything quite frankly. The character development is phenomenal, with each character deeply distinctive. The captive bride romance in every book is sweet, heart-warming and sometimes breathtaking.

I am now an avid fan of Denali’s.

If you would like a taste of her writing, you can sign up for Denali’s newsletter and receive the first novella in the series for free.

What I also enjoy about this author is that she engages with her fans. She commented on my review of Hollen the Soulless, which sent me into instant fangirling mode. The order of her books is this:

1. Sven the Collector—A novella that does not need to be read to read Hollen the Soulless. (I haven’t read this one yet.)

2. Hollen the Soulless—What happens when a feisty red-headed princess bound by her duty is snatched from her horse by a mountain man on a wyvern?

3. Erik the Tempered—Not thinking himself worthy of a bride because of a dark secret, Erik accidently claims her and has to choose between revealing the truth or the consequences of continuing to hide it.

4. Ivan the Bold—Ivan has fallen in love with his best friend’s widow and is determined to claim her—no matter the cost.

5. Magnus the Vast—Magnus is determined to win the heart of his hellcat of a bride—but will he be able to break through her prickly and nearly impenetrable shell?

6. Sigvard the Nameless (to be released July 29, 2021)

I hope that you will go and find Denali’s books as enchanting as I have! I have found them absolutely delightful, and cannot wait to read whatever other series she may publish in the future!

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