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Top Ten Tips on Preparing to Move

Goodness, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted last! In the last two weekends we have moved and gotten a puppy! The move was exhausting, but overall fulfilling. We successfully purchased a little condo in a suburb of Orlando and have settled in well. I wanted to share the top ten tips about things that I learned while we were transitioning from our apartment to our new condo.

1) Make sure to contact your electric company and let them know the date that you would like the electricity turned on for your new home.

2) Research who your WIFI provider will be! This one I cannot stress enough! Alex and I were having constant trouble with our last provider, Spectrum. I googled who we should go with next, and was overwhelmed with the options. I asked friends and coworkers their thoughts, and eventually decided to go with AT &T. I am so glad that I did. AT&T is less expensive and far more reliable than our last provider. We have had no issues in the last two weeks.

3) Change your mailing address. This one is so easy to forget. You need to have your mail forwarded to you until you can properly change your address everywhere. You can easily do this online here.

4) Change the address on your Driver’s License. You can easily do this online here.

5) Contact your insurance company for your vehicles and change your address. Something I did not know before I moved is that your premium may change depending upon the zip code that you are living in. It was a rather unpleasant surprise to find that our premium was raised by $20. Just be mentally prepared for this change!

6) Hire a locksmith to change the lock on your door. Who knows who else may have the keys to the nice new home you just purchased?

7) If you can, meet the neighbors. And I say if because I have made an attempt to meet mine, but they are not very friendly.

8) Make sure you have a plan in mind about what to eat the first week you move into your new home. I say this, because I did not and Alex and I both struggled coming up with dinner ideas because we were just so tired from moving (Alex also has a restricted diet, which makes things a bit more challenging for us.)

9) Drive around your new area and see what shopping centers, restaurants etc. are available. I just did this today, two weeks after moving in, and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

10) Talk to your partner about how you are feeling after the move. This is the most important tip I have to give. There are some things that he and I have realized that we need to do around the condo, and I was overwhelmed by all the things that we need to learn! After talking to him about why I was overwhelmed, I felt far better and ready to take on the challenge on keeping up with the needs of a home.

I will write another post about the puppy later, but I just wanted to help others with this list. There really isn’t a How to Move 101 book out there, and the act of moving in and of itself is stressful, let alone the financial repercussions of moving and purchasing a home. But I must say, paying for movers was totally worth it, and I am so thankful I did. The guys did a phenomenal job. Another good tip is to leave a review for all the people that helped you to move in and set up living in your new home!

Let me know if any of you have any other tips to share! I’m new to this whole homeowner’s thing, and I know I don’t know a lot. But I am working to fix that! I would love to hear thoughts, opinions, etc. on what everyone else went through when they bought their own home. I don’t know anybody besides my parents who are home owners. Thank you for stopping by. 😊

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